It turns out that KFC’s French fries are made like this, and it’s more fun to make it yourself

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【Homemade French Fries by Foodies】

There is a particularly delicious delicacy in KFC. Many friends like it very much. This delicacy is French fries. But we can’t see the process of making it, we don’t know if it is clean and hygienic.

For a foodie, this is intolerable.

Today we are here to share with you a recipe of homemade French fries. After it is made, it is soft and sweet, and the method is very simple. The taste is no worse than that of KFC French fries.

【Homemade French Fries】

[Making ingredients] Potatoes, salt, white vinegar, starch, cooking oil, tomato paste

[Production steps]

1. Preparation
The next food I want to take everyone to cook together is homemade French fries, soft and sweet, let’s prepare the cooking ingredients for homemade French fries.

Let’s prepare a few large potatoes first, then prepare the right amount of salt, white vinegar, a tablespoon of starch, the right amount of cooking oil, and the cooking oil must be a little more so that we can fully fry the French fries and prepare the above-mentioned seasonings. After adding the ingredients, we can prepare the right amount of tomato sauce.

In addition to tomato sauce, you can also prepare other dipping materials that you like. After the preparation is complete, we can start cooking our homemade French fries.

2. Take out the potatoes and soak them in clean water. After soaking for about 10 minutes, we will clean the potatoes.

3. Take out the cleaned potatoes and peel off the skin with a paring knife. After peeling the skin, first cut the potatoes into thick slices, and then cut the thick potato slices into long strips. The thickness of the strips is about 1cm.

4. Prepare a pot of water again, put all the potato strips in clean water, wash it again to wash off the starch on the surface, and then soak for 10 minutes to soak the starch out, and the soaked potatoes will be more crispy after being fried.

5. Next put half a pot of water in the pot, and then bring it to a boil. After boiling, add a spoonful of table salt and a spoonful of white vinegar to the water. Table salt can increase the bottom flavor of the potato strips, while white vinegar can prevent the potato strips from oxidizing and blackening, and at the same time make the texture of the potato strips firmer.

6. Stir them evenly, then put the potato strips in. After boiling again, stir gently, taking care not to break the potato strips.

7. When the potato chips are blanched in water, remove them and soak them in cold water to clean them and let them cool down. After that, put the potato strips into the basket to drain the water.

8. Drain the water and put it in a large basin. Next, we will take out the prepared 20 grams of starch and put it in the potato strips to mix evenly, so that the surface of each potato strip is stained with some starch.

9. Pour a little more oil in the pot and heat it up. When the oil temperature in the pan reaches 60% hot, put the potato strips in and fry. Don’t stir the potato chips first, fry the water out first, then use chopsticks to turn the potato chips continuously after a minute to heat the potato chips evenly.

10. When the bomb is floating, let’s open the fire and bomb for another minute, then control the oil and remove it.

11. Continue to increase the oil temperature in the pan, add the potato chips and fry for another minute, so that the fried potato chips will be more crispy.

12. Take out the oil control in a minute, and mix it with a little tomato sauce and you can eat it.


1. The potato chips should not be too thick.

2. When frying potato chips, control the oil temperature.

Well, today’s food sharing is here, I am leimusk, love my friends applaud or follow me, let us explore the fun of food together!



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